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Design of rainwater utilization systems and manufacture of drinking water tanks

Planning, production, and delivery all from one source! We adhere to all sustainable and legal requirements and offer customized solutions for all demands. With our years of experience in the collection of rainwater, drinking water, and wastewater, we are able to provide sound advice in addition to offering high-quality products. Private customers, agricultural businesses, and companies are our clients in this field, and they appreciate consulting and implementation from a single source.

“I anticipate the exciting opportunities that come with planning and bringing to life unique custom projects.”

Fabian Zöschg

Sales Manager Water


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30.000 lt tank on the way to the installation location

Spring tube 8.500 lt

120 lt Sedation tank

Rainwater harvesting system with 4 pcs 10.000 lt tanks = 40.000 lt

Drinking water spring tube. With 120 lt sedation tank and 1,400 lt water reservoir.

3 equalization pools for a swimming pool with 20.000 lt each

Tanks in stock at Inderst

Crane transport of a tank at a construction site

Part trough

Rainwater harvesting system with 4 pcs 10.000 lt tanks = 40.000 lt