About us

Leading in our field for over 60 years

It all started with a company with plant protection products, founded by Mathias and Rosa Inderst in 1958.
In 1969, the company moved into the premises built by Rosa and Mathias Inderst in the center of the village of Marlengo.
The acquisition of a new building made it possible to move in 1991. On 29.06.1991 the ceremonial inauguration of the new company headquarters took place
The acquisition of the adjoining land enabled the company building to be enlarged again. After almost two years of construction, the inauguration of the current company headquarters took place in 2011.
To create additional encampment, our green tent was constructed and ceremoniously inaugurated in 2015.

Our corporate Competencies

These values and competencies characterize our brand




Customer focus



Customer orientation

Ample Stock


and reliability

We place the quality of our products and services at the center of our work. At the same time, our activity is constantly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Thanks to decades of experience and the constant search for innovative products, we are able to satisfy the most diverse requests from all those who turn to us with confidence. This represents the real value of our offer.

Our competences

The continuous training of the staff and the search for innovation allow us to offer the best products and services to our customers. Each employee specializes in his field of interest and every decision is made with the purpose of satisfying the customer and providing the best possible service.

Being both producer and distributor gives us the possibility to be in control of the whole sales process. Moreover, we are a motivated and dynamic team, with the passion to support our environment and the nature in which we live through our efforts.


Franz Inderst

Senior managing director and co-owner of Inderst GmbH-Landhandel. For more than 45 years Franz has been in the business, which was founded by his parents in 1958.

Sales Manager

Günther Seebacher

Günther has already been with Inderst GmbH for over 25 years. He is the head of sales in the South Tyrol-Trentino area and also abroad.

Export Manager

Elmar Wenin

28 years ago, Elmar started as a buyer at Inderst GmbH. In the meantime, he is the manager for the export of machines and equipment for fruit and fruit processing. Besides sales, he is also responsible for customer support and installation and assemblies.