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Weight: 2,125 kg
Product-Code: 24756
  • Potato pot with removable inner pot. For the very easy collection of your potatoes!

    Growing potatoes:
    • Place 3 potatoes with buds in the pot filled with soil.
    • Water every day. Fertilize as recommended by the manufacturer.
    • By lifting the internal pot you can observe the development of the plant.
    • The plant will bear potatoes until it gets cold.
    • The potato jar is a tasty joy for the whole family.

    • It is advantageous to leave the potato in the light (20°C) for a few days to pre-sprout, so you can harvest the first potatoes after 8 weeks – without sprouting you wait two weeks longer.
    • After planting potatoes in the PotatoPot®, water them and place them in a bright, sunny location. You can cover the PotatoPot® until the plants emerge.
    • Fertilize the plants
    • The PotatoPot® can remain in the greenhouse until the plants germinate. Then place it outdoors.
    • Potatoes do not tolerate frost.
    • If necessary, potato plants can also be shortened to about 25 cm.

    Planting approximately March 15th = new potatoes approximately May 15th
    Planting around April 1st = new potatoes around June 1st

    Use the potato varieties you prefer.
    It is advisable to use early varieties.