Horse Pavo 'Mobility' supplementary feed 3kg


With Pavo Mobility you offer your horse the optimal nutrition for cartilage and joints. This stimulates the production of synovial fluid and keeps the joints mobile.

Composition: Alfalfa, calcium carbonate, rye feed meal, soya oil NGMO, potato protein, dextrose, collagen.

Nutritional analysis: 28% crude protein, 23% crude fibre, 8% sugar, 8% crude ash, 5% crude fat, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, starch.

Feeding recommendation:
Pavo Mobility can be fed as a preventive measure to sport horses whose joints are subject to heavy stress. After an injury, joint problems, or on the recommendation of your vet that your horse needs support, you can give a course of treatment for 2 to 3 months. Older horses or horses with osteoarthritis can also benefit from the positive effect of Pavo Mobility.
Continuous feeding:
Horse: approx. 50 g per day.
Pony: approx. 25 g per day.

Cure for older horses:
Horse: approx. 100 g per day.
Pony: approx. 50 g per day.
Weight: 3.00 kg
Product code: 32802

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