Tub pasteurizer 200lt 12kW electrical heating


Tub pasteurizer for pasteurizing cold-filled bottles or jars or for sterilizing hot-filled jams, etc. Tub pasteurizer with removable stainless steel baskets. The warm-up is done with electric elements to reach the desired temperature quickly and accurately. The tub is filled with water and heated electrically. The filled and closed bottles or glasses are placed in stainless steel baskets and the basket is then placed in the hot water. Thanks to the electronic temperature and time control, pasteurization can be easily controlled. Capacity: bath for 100l water Baskets: 4 pcs included Heating power: 12 kW Connection: 400V 3-phase Dimensions LxWxH: 650x900x1350mm Weight: 130kg
Weight: 130.00 kg
Product code: 33262

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