Kompakt bottle dryer 7,5kW 14m³/min


Drying blower Kompact for bottles and cans consisting of:
No. 1 blower 14 m³, with 7.5 kW motor 
No. 1 connection air intake filter with blower 
No. 1 air filter adapted to the blower capacity 
No. 1 x Y manifold 2"
No. 3+3 m flexible hose 
No. 4 extra wide hose clamps 
No. 2 air nozzles 
No. 2 brackets for air nozzles 
No. 1 soundproof box for blower and control cabinet
No. 1 frequency converter with starting aid and blower speed regulation 
No. 1 control box according to CE standard - all pre-assembled 
Weight: 250.00 kg
Product code: 25961

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