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Ratchet straps strap+ring 5x1600cm 5T EN12195-2

Weight: 1,93 kg
Product-Code: 071600067
  • Strap with hook for two-part tensioning strap
    • Strap width: 50 mm
    • Length of belt (LGL): 16 m (measured from the ring to the end of the strap)
    • with a triangular ring
    • Strap material: Polyester
    • Permissible lashing capacity of the strap (LC): 2500 daN, which corresponds to 2500 kg tensile force
    • Standard Hand Force (SHF): 50 daN, equivalent to 50 kg pulling force – the lever may be pulled with a maximum of this force (In simplified language, SHF is the power of the user).
    • Standard Tension Force (STF): 250 daN, equivalent to 250 kg – maximum belt tension or “The remaining force after the handle of a tensioning element has been tightened to 50 daN and then released”.
    (In simplified language, STF is the force of the lashing strap).
    • Stretching: max. 5%
    • manufactured according to EN 12195-2