Punch down tool stainless steel Ø250mm 1m handle

Weight: 2 kg
Product-Code: 40063
  • Since ancient times, the maceration of wine has been a fundamental step to extract all the characteristics present in the grapes for future wine.
    To increase extraction, a traditional winemaking technique is used; the mash punches down to break the cap of berries/skins.
    With this method, the grape skins come into contact with the wine. These form a cap that rises upwards (since it’s lighter) but is mechanically kept submerged in the liquid.

    For example, why is wine maceration done “with a submerged cap”?
    There are at least two reasons. Firstly, in this way the color of the wine stabilizes in a completely natural way since it detaches from the skin and is slowly absorbed by the must, which is not clarified. The second reason why this maceration of red wine is useful is that it is slow and therefore favors the polymerization of the tannin molecules in long chains.

    • length: 1000 mm
    • diameter plate: 250 mm
    • perforated plate
    • rounded edges
    • material: stainless steel AISI304 V2A