Fruit & Wine Juice, wine, cider making Containers Stainless steel variable volume tanks

VV Tank 1500l 3 legs, float. lid,arm,sight g.DIN40

Weight: 54 kg
Product-Code: 35415
  • Variable volume tank with conical bottom made from stainless steel AISI304.

    • with always-full floating lid for fermentation and storing
    • on 3 welded legs
    • clear outlet with DIN40 fitting
    • total drain with DIN40 fitting
    • sight gauge
    • sample tap
    • stainless steel V2A – AISI304
    • Made in Italy for “frutty” brand
    • marbeled outside and smooth surface inside
    • lifting arm for floating lid
    • Ø 1020mm x H 2450mm + 350mm