Stainless Tank 75lt Ø38 H80 top 21cm

Weight: 5,5 kg
Product-Code: 100600085
  • The seamless welded cans are ideal for storing and transporting spirits, edible oils (kernel oil, olive oil), liqueurs, wine, juice, honey, milk, etc. without affecting their quality.
    Our cans are completely made of stainless steel. The bottom is welded to the tank wall without any additional material (WIG system). This processing method ensures maximum hygiene, as there is no crack (dirt joint) between the container wall and the container bottom.

    • made of high-quality stainless steel
    • with rounded bottom edges – no dirt joints
    • easy to clean
    • mirror-smooth inside and outside
    • with seal and protective cap
    • with welded in socket 1/2”
    • individually packed in a box
    • two handles