Immersion heater stainless 3200W 73cm

Brand: frutty
Weight: 1,34 kg
Product-Code: 100100034
  • To preserve freshly squeezed fruit juices.
    Put the fruit juice immediately after pressing, or after the clarification process into the barrel which is located at the final location in the cellar. The barrel should have a diameter of 40 to 80 cm and a maximum height of 120 cm.
    Now dip the stainless steel juice pasteurizer into your juice so that it rests on the bottom of the barrel (juice height max. 100 cm).
    Connect power (230V).
    With the device’s thermostat, set the desired temperature.
    As soon as the juice reaches the desired temperature (approximately 80 – 85 °C), unplug the device (In the case of the unit with thermostat, the unit switches off automatically when the desired temperature is reached).
    Now place the oil lid on the surface of the juice and pour the oenological oil between the edge of the lid and the edge of the barrel directly onto the hot juice, at least 10 mm.
    Cover the barrel with the dust lid.