Washing Plant with built in Crusher 2t/h (beltp)

Brand: VORAN
Weight: 250 kg
Product-Code: 102400016
  • Washing system consisting of washing vessel, vertical auger-type elevator and add-on centrifugal mill RM3 for belt presses. The pivoting turret allows the upper section to be rotated through 90° to save space during operation and make cleaning easier.

    Nominal rating: 2000 kg/h
    Motor rating: Elevator 1,5 kW + mill 4 kW
    Connected load: 400V 50Hz (3-phase)
    Electrical protection: 16 A
    Discharge height: 800 mm
    Material: 1.4301 / AISI 304
    Connection for cleaning: ½” inside
    Connection for washing vessel: 2″ outside
    Height mash outlet: 1500 mm
    Scope of supply: with 7, 9 and 12mm cutting screen