Automatic labeller Kompakt 22 up to 2500b/h

Weight: 300 kg
Product-Code: 100800442
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  • Automatic linear labeller suitable for self-adhesive labels frutty Mod. K22

    Standard Feature:

    • body label station with step motor and height adjustment
    • labelling centrally managed through main control panel
    • equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle
    • monoblock in stainless steel
    • working direction: left – right
    • output: up to 2500 bottles per h
    • square collecting table 40x50cm
    • electronic speed control (Inverter)
    • infeed screw
    • 400 Volt 50 Hz. – (220V 60Hz is possible)
    • safety guards in accordance with CE
    • Made in Italy for frutty brand

    Possible additional Feature:

    • back-label station with step motor and height adjustment
    • apply body and back-label from the same roll
    • station for affixing a neck label or second back label with step motor. (1500b/h)
    • possible installation of a thermal transfer printer
    • possible mechanical orientation (bottle mark search)
    • possible optical orientation (label)
    • possible caps distributor with plate
    • possible lifting device for cap shrinking head and cap sleeking head
    • possible cap shrinking head with air blow and thermostatic probe.
    • possible cap sleeking head (600-1200bottles/h)
    • control panel with Touch Screen