Cooling Plate AISI304 1/2” 90+210mm 304 1600×370

Weight: 10,26 kg
Product-Code: 102100156
  • Cooling plates are very effective. They are located in the middle of the tank and therefore have the best cooling or warming effect on the must/wine.
    All our plates are electrolytically polished after welding. This gives them an extremely smooth surface and they can be easily cleaned with a water jet. Double welding means double safety!
    All our plates are double welded at the seam and at the edge of TIG welded. This makes them more secure, and there are no dirty joints or sharp edges on the edge.
    All plates are made of 1mm thick stainless steel V2A – AISI 304 (at extra charge in V4A – AISI316).
    Installation: the plates are inserted into the tank through the manhole, a dome opening or a door and are screwed or welded to the tank roof.
    • Material: Stainless Steel V2A AISI304 or on request V4A AISI316
    • electrolytically polished after completion of all welding operations; resulting in an extremely smooth surface
    • double weld (Seam and TIG)
    • there are no gaps where the two sheets are welded together
    • 300mm pipe fittings, of which 90mm with ½“ thread, 205mm smooth pipe and 5mm flange
    • Ø flange 34mm
    • pressure tested at 8 bar – Operating pressure 4 bar
    • Special sizes and special connections available and long drives on request