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VV Tank 1000lt with cooling jacket and mashdoor

Weight: 54 kg
Product-Code: 45740
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  • Variable capacity tank well-suited for fermentation, cider, juice, wine aging, kombucha, pickling, and other applications.
    Floating lid can be positioned as needed to match the volume of the liquid you’re working with.
    New high quality Lid gasket whick allows appropriate seal of your tank.

    Tank Features:
    -big cooling jacket 1.2m² for efficient cooling/warming
    -swinging rectangular manway door for easy removal of grape skins
    -with floating lid for fermentation and storing
    -lifting arm for lowering and lifting the floating lid.
    -on 3 welded legs
    -complete drainage dish bottom
    -clear outled with DIN40 fitting
    -total drain with DIN40 fitting
    -sight gauge
    -sample tap
    -made from stainless steel AISI304 with the correct thickness for the tank’s total volume.
    -Made in Italy for Frutty brand
    -marbeled outside and smooth surface inside
    -Ø 960mm x H 1970mm + 350mm