Washing-drying machine full bottles frutty 550b/h

Brand: frutty
Product-Code: 39076
  • Washer-drier for filled corked bottles.
    Washing: the bottles are washed all over thanks to the forced action of the brushes.
    Drying: while rotating and traversing, the bottles are enveloped in a vortex of air that permits the elimination of even the smallest drop of water.

    Maximum production: 550 b/h
    Washing: no. 1 body brush
    no. 1 bottom brush
    no. 1 cork brush
    Drying: no. 2 air distributors adjustable in all directions
    Water consumption: 25lt/h @ 2bar
    Bottle dimensions: min. Ø50 / max. Ø115mm – min. H200 / max. H380mm
    Installed power: 2,8kW – 400V – 3Ph – 50Hz+N