Counter-Pressure Filler 12

Product-Code: 36374
  • Full automatic monobloc counterpressure-bottling machine for beer, cider, sparkling wine with filler (isobaric)

    Filler (isobaric):
    The “standard” counter filling valves work in three stages:
    1) Pressurize the bottle
    2) Fill under balanced pressure
    3) Release pressure (snifting)

    To avoid completely the oxidation of the product, we optionally offer a multi-stage filling valve. These work with up to 6 steps:
    1) pre-evacuation of the air (vacuum)
    2) clean with CO²/inert gas
    3) evacuation of the air (vacuum)
    4) pressurize the bottle with CO²/inert gas
    5) fill under balanced pressure
    6) release pressure (snifting)

    Many other options for the filling valves are available.

    The bottle height is adjusted by handwheel (manual) or can be optional electric.
    The filling height is set by the appropriate air vent pipes which are easily interchangeable in the filling valves.
    Pneumatic lifting of the bottle plate and mechanical lowering via cam (no air consumption).
    The tub has a central liquid inlet and is polished to perfection. Remaining drain with drain cock on the bottom of the tank. PED/TÜV-tested to 8 bar.
    The system is muteable.
    Optionally available is a cleaning adapter that can be used for easy cleaning of the filling valves and the tub (for CIP-cleaning).
    The liquid supply is controlled via sensors in the tub in combination with the pneumatically operated product supply valve and pump control.

    The frame of the monobloc is made of stainless steel. All doors are equipped with safety devices in the hinge. The control of the monobloc is carried out via a central control cabinet made of stainless steel. The system is easy and clear to use and also the format change can be accomplished quickly.
    Thanks to the modular design and the wide range of additional options, the machine can be optimally adapted to the needs of the company.

    The system is prepared to be integrated into a filling line; without belt, belt drive, and bottle collection table.
    Belt, belt drive, and bottle collection table are available as options. Besides, larger bottle-feeding tables are available Ø600-800-1000 mm, and bottle collecting tables Ø600-800-1000 mm with belt drive at the end of the line. Belt connections between different machines are available on request.

    Filling Monobloc in linear design with single-headed capper up to max. 2500 bottles/h. 0.33/h
    Filler ISO: 12 valves