Enolmaster filling machine spirit+hot fill 110V

Brand: TENCO
Weight: 25 kg
Product-Code: 15899
  • ENOLMASTER is a professional vacuum filler, the ideal equipment for edible oil producers, cellars, wine-producer, distilleries and breweries. Fast and practical, Enolmaster fills about 600 bottles per hour, in perfect hygienic conditions and with no product spillage. Moreover, thanks to his simplicity of use, the filling level is adjustable: once selected, the machine automatically fills up the bottle to the desired level. All the parts in contact with the product are made of 316L stainless steel, the recovery vessel is available in both methacrylate and glass versions (ideal for packaging at high temperatures and for high alcohol percentage).

    Technical specifications:
    Size: 650x460x450mm
    Weight: 30kg
    Power consumption: 120 Watt
    Power supply: 110V / 60Hz

    Features of the bottle:
    Neck diameter: 16 – 28mm
    Height: 180 – 330mm