Counter-Pressure Filler 2valves 100-200 b/h

Weight: 95 kg
Product-Code: 24924
  • The counter pressure filler is suitable for filling sparkling beverages also like beer, sparkling wine, sparkling water, drinks etc. It can also fill PET bottles through the use of special guides neck (optional). Using the two-level sensors is handled getting the right product flow into the tank that has been tested up to 5 bar. The tank wall is 8mm thick and the 2 side covers facilitate its access to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The filling inside the bottles is kind of anti-foaming, thanks to the rubbing ring that distributes the product along the bottle wall.
    It is possible to lodge it on 4 wheels for easy moving or on request 4 feet with a core of stainless steel and PVC base with adjustable height.
    Can also be installed on blocks and triblock.

    Technical data:
    • The machine is built following current CE regulations.
    • Current consumption 0,37kw.
    • Air consumption at 6 bar: 120 lt/min.
    • Low-voltage 24V, Power supply 220V 50/60hz.
    • Maximum diameter of bottle used 120mm height 350mm.
    • Base painted steel covered with stainless steel A304 of various thicknesses.
    • Pre-evacuation of the air OPTIONAL.
    • Automatic sliding door OPTIONAL.
    • N° 2-4 or 6 valves.
    • Cut-out switch for on-off.
    • Pressure reducing valve ¼ “for the compressed air connection.
    • Pressure reducing valve ¼ “for the Co2 connection.
    • Product inlet 3/4 “Gas (on request other attacks).