Vinegar fermenter 520lt cooling and control panel

Product-Code: 111300121
  • Vinegar fermenter frutty ®

    The simplest vinegar production in the best quality within a few days.
    Most modern technology
    (Direct ventilation).
    The vinegar production in the frutty vinegar plant is extremely simple and run fully automatic. With this process the alcoholic liquid (most, wine, fruit wine or beer) becomes acidic – by special vinegar bacteria.
    • Optimal fermentation (oxidation) in the shortest time.
    • Very clean fermentation, no slime
    • Good aroma retention
    • Stainless steel tank
    • Electrical heating, with electronic control
    • Low energy consumption
    • With controllable turning
    • With controllable aeration
    • Very compact
    • Electronic regulated cooling available (option)

    Kit for the control of the acidity
    Ebullioscopy for control of the alcohol content
    Digital refractometer to control the sugar content
    Starter bacteria