Fermentation pot frutty 2 5lt 70pcs/pa

Brand: frutty
Weight: 5,84 kg
Product-Code: 27102
  • The idea of the fermentation pot is ancient. In China and Korea, people were already acidifying in such pots several thousand years ago.
    The fermentation pot is made of stoneware. It is fired at 1200°C and covered with a lead-free glaze. Therefore it takes on almost no taste and is very easy to clean.
    The pot includes two semi-circular stone slabs which are placed on top of the vegetables and create the pressure necessary for the right fermentation to succeed. They weigh down the contents and at the same time protect against spoilage.
    The weighting stones also absorb almost no smell or taste from the stored vegetables and remain tasteless and always hygienic, even when the vegetables are changed.