Electric dumper with tray 3 wheels 7km/h 500W 24V

Brand: FLORI
Weight: 40 kg
Product-Code: 37697
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  • Electro dumper with mesh box and tray. For use at home, garden, construction and industry. Facilitates the transport of heavy loads.

    Motor power: 500 W
    Rated voltage: 40 V DC
    Battery capacity: 6 Ah
    Battery power: 240 Wh
    Battery work time: 8 h
    Battery loading time: 4 h
    Speed: 7,5 km/h (max.)
    Motor rated output torque: 65 Nm
    Motor rated speed: 100 min-1
    Over current protection/
    value of controller: 18 A
    Weight: 27 kg
    Dimensions: 144 x 64,5 x 76,5 cm
    ⌀-wheel: 42 cm