Orchard Ladder Alu frutty 13 steps H370cm W150cm


These light, stable, aluminium tripod ladder frutty 13 with height-adjustable leg is suitable for all types of orchard work, for example pruning or harvest. • One height- adjustable leg for stable steps on uneven or sloping ground • All tripods and steps give security and are comfortable • Top rail to hold when working with one hand; or to lean when working with both hands • Wide feet that "grab" soft ground and to prevent slipping • Because of the 3 legs wobbling and tipping are avoided • Suitable for access in tight spaces • Easy transport and storage because of the low weight • Max. weight: 150kg
Weight: 14.40 kg
Product code: 31270

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Juice, wine, cider making

Orchard and viticulture

Technical products