Tub pasteurizer 20kW with internal spray nozzles


Tub pasteurizer for pasteurizing cold-filled bottles (such as juices or carbonated drinks, e.g. cider) or glasses or for sterilizing hot-filled jams etc. Tub pasteurizer with removable baskets made of stainless steel. Warming up is carried out with electric heating elements in order to reach the desired temperature quickly and precisely. The system goes through the entire pasteurization cycle with warming up, keeping warm and cooling down fully automatically. The heat exchange takes place via the sprinkling from nozzles built into the lid which are supplied by a circulation pump or fresh water. Tub pasteurizer in AISI 304 stainless steel with a square base. Heat off via spray nozzles installed in the lid. Automatic fresh water supply for cooling. Trough made entirely of stainless steel with thermal insulation coating. Cover with micro circuit breaker: Solenoid valve for water supply Shut-off valve for the water supply Electric heating elements with 20 kW power check valve Circulation pump (stainless steel) Stainless steel drain valve thermometer Temperature sensor PT 100 Control panel for the pasteurization and cooling cycle, including data logger, control and safety thermoregulator with display of the control temperature for the internal circulation pump Water solenoid valve Electrical connection: 400 volts 3f 50 Hz, 20.5 kW. Dimensions of the baskets: 900x900xH450mm - stackable Dimensions device 1400x1100x H1500mm
Weight: 130.00 kg
Product code: 36551

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