Pasteurizer frutty 450lt/h electric 40kW automatic


Automatic Pasteurization frutty with electric heating and pipe in pipe heat exchanger for a gentle product treatment and reliable pasteurization at the preset filling temperature for fresh, cloudy and clear fruit juice, vegetable juice, cider, vinegar and wine. Juice that has been pasteurized correctly can be kept for many months without any great loss in quality. The temperature (usually apporx. 80°C) determine the deactivation level of micro organisms/enzymes to preserve the juice for a longer shelf life. Technical data: • Automatic regulation of the juice temperature • With rubber impeller pump in stainless steel • VERY LOW energy consumption • VERY LOW temperature difference between product and heating water circuit • Electric boiler with automatic temperature regulation • Display for juice and water temperature • Pipe in pipe heat exchanger AISI304 • High efficiency due to the counterflow principle. • Ready to plug • Suitable for filtered and cloudy liquids • Installed on a strong frame made from powder coated stainless steel Technical data: Mod. frutty 450el automatic Length/Width/Height Capacity Heat exchanger surface 2,4 m² Exchanger KOAX in AISI304 Heating: Electric boiler Electric connection 400V 50-60Hz 3phase Consumption 40 kW Juice in DIN 25 Juice out DIN 20
Weight: 140.00 kg
Product code: 38068

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Juice, wine, cider making

Orchard and viticulture

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