Pasteurizer 900lt/h+Diesel automatic regulation


Pasteurizer with oil-fired boiler and pipe-in-pipe-heat exchanger for the pasteurization of fruit and vegetable juice.
- automatic water temperature regulation;
- automatic control of the temperature of the juice;
- automatic temperature regulation;
- with juice pump;

Technical data: 
- Nominal rating: 900 l/h a 80°C;
- Electrical power: 4 kW;
- Capacity burner: 90 kW;
- Heat exchanger surface: 2,4 m²;
- Boiler: Diesel fired;
- Diesel consumption: ca. 9 l/h;
- Juice connection: DIN25;
Weight: 350.00 kg
Product code: 36356

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Juice, wine, cider making

Orchard and viticulture

Technical products