Washing Plant with built in Crusher 3t/h


Washing system of stainless steel for fruits and vegetables with attached pivoting centrifugal mill. The washing system consists of sorting grid, washing vessel, chain conveyor and add-on pivoting centrifugal mill which can be equipped with different types of cutting tools. The conveyor speed can be adjusted by using the integrated frequency converter. Ideal in combination with single belt press ut to 3t/h. Nominal rating: 1-3t/h Motor rating: Elevator 0,55 kW mill 4 kW pump for wash through 2,2kw Connected load: 400V 50Hz (3-phase) Electrical protection: 32 A Discharge height: 850 mm Material: 1.4301 / AISI 305 Connection for cleaning: ½" inside Connection for washing vessel: 2" outside Height mash outlet: 1570 mm
Weight: 350.00 kg
Product code: 32850

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