Housing 1 cartridge 30" with DIN25 female


Filter Cartridge housing in stainless steel AISI304 for one cartridge 30"

A cartridge filter is usually used for microfiltration of liquids before filling.
The function of a cartridge filter is very simple: The liquid is pressed in a pressure vessel (housing) through one or more elongated elements - also called candles - from the outside in. As a result, the particles that are to be retained stick to the outside.

Technical features:
- Material: AISI 316L
- Housing dimension: 30” (750 mm)
- Finishing: mechanical for food industry
- Cartridges connection: code 7-
- Upper group: manometer, sight glass and vent valve
- In/out butterfly valves: Ø25 DIN
Weight: 33.00 kg
Product code: 27898

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