Destemmer crusher with rubber rollers 3t/h 230V


For the serious small winery, this machine represents an amazing value. The main difference to the smaller commercial machines is that the machine first destemmes and after the berries are crushed.
It is gentle, easy to load and the star-shaped squeeze rollers are adjustable from 0-25mm.
The special feature of these rollers is that the grapes are broken up more gently. This does not damage the grape seed and combs and the aroma is retained.

You put fruit in the top bin and the screw feed moves the fruit to the left where it drops into the destemming chamber.
The fruit is destemmed and grapes drop down through the grate to the next level. Stems are ejected out the end of the destemming chamber and onto a tarp on the ground.
After the fruit drops through the destemming chamber it falls between the two adjustable squeezer rollers down into a must gathering tank at the bottom of the machine.
The must gathering tank is equipped with a pump fitting.

A Great Value! We recommend this machine for small wineries looking for qualtiy.

Summary of Features:
- first destemm's and after crushes
- stainless Body, Bin, Agitator, and Screw Feed
- Removable stainless basket for easy cleaning (Destemming basket holes are 25mm wide)
- from 0- 25mm adjustable rubber squeeze rollers for gentle processing
- A Screw Feed for continual, faster, hands-free operation
- Output of up to 3t per hour
- Must collection trough with barbed hose fitting
- A powerful Single Phase 230V 2 HP motor (60Hz on request)
- High-quality units made for Frutty in Italy
- Replacement parts are available
- Two casters allow for easy wheel-barrow type movement
- Emergency stop button
- Weight 90kg - 1150x680xH850mm + hopper extensions
- CE standardized
Weight: 90.00 kg
Product code: 23147

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