Semiautomatic disgorging monoblock 150b/h


Semi-automatic disgorging monoblock 150b/h

- Disgorging: manual removal of the crown cap and evacuation of the frozen neck-plug (the neck of the bottle has to be frozen previously).

- Dosing of the 'liqueur d'expédition': the machine has a small stainless steel tank for holding/dosing the 'liqueur'; the bottle lies on a 60° inclined base-plate.
The support is designed for standard 75 cl bottles, but it is adaptable for 150 cl bottles with a simple change-over. It has a fitting for the compressed air and pressure gauge. There is a three-way valve, manually operated, for the dosing of the 'liqueur' into the bottle. The valve sucks the 'liqueur' from the storage tank and transfers it to the filling nozzle.

- Topping up: after the dosing operation, a small quantity of the product is added, to achieve the correct level inside the bottle. A support base-plate, holding a bottle with wine in an upside-down position, is used to supply the wine needed for the topping (wine levelling). A manually operated valve with a lever starts the topping operation.

Technical features:

-Working bottles: From 0.375 L to 1.5 L
-Automatic adjustable dosage.
-Structure in AISI 304 steel.
-Compressed air operation
-Compact and easily transportable unit.
-Suitable for washing with sanitizers
Weight: 70.00 kg
Product code: 30137

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