Pistonfiller+twist off capper dense products 600/h


Monobloc filling unit for liquid and viscous products with manually caps loading, automatic distributor and twist-off capper. Technical features: - Piston filler with 2.8 m long motorized towing conveyor. - Pneumatic unit to stop the containers under the filler and capper. - Volumetric doser (piston) suitable for dense liquids (like honey, jams, mayonnaise, sauces, liquid cheeses, creams, etc.). - Piston made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with Teflon seals, suitable for food, hot sanitizable. - Adjustable from 30 to 750 cc with handwheel and three-way valve. - Piston with pneumatically controlled double-action. - Caps distribution head with a channel to be loaded manually. - Low rotation pneumatic screw-capper with adjustable effort, compressed air piston for downward movement of the head. - CE marked. - Made in Italy for frutty-band. - Compressed air requested at 6 bar: 150 lt / m'. - Electric power consumption: 0.37 kW 400 three-phase 50 Hz. - Base dimensions: 1200x2400x2400 mm. - Capacity: about 400/800 jars/h (dependent on the density of the product and the capacity of the container).
Product code: 36366

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