Bag in Box Filler frutty hot filling 90°C on frame


Bag-in-Box Filler with vacuum system and lever to remove and place the valve on the neck of the bag in box. STANDARD EQUIPMENTS: • Chassis equipped with 4 wheels • Pump with stainless steel casing and turbine, 25 hl.p.h flow-rate, equipped with purge function and inverter. • Display panel with a range of functions : cycle counter, statistics, troubleshooting, maintenance, ... • Height adjustable working platform • Cleaning tube with jointing tip • CIP with automated cleaning of the vacuum circuit • Filling machines suitable for any of the following standard tap types: Vitop, Flex-Tap, Vinitap, WS, Presss-Tap, ... • Equipments compliant with Machine Directive n° 2006/42/CE Air pressure: 6 bar Power: 1,8 KW Current: 230V 50Hz (single-phase) Air consumtion: 0,3 m3/h / 6bar Filling rates: 3 L 160-180/h 5 L 130-150/h 10 L 110-130/h 15 L 90-110/h 20 L 80-100/h
Weight: 55.00 kg
Product code: 35929

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