Vacuum sealer frutty double welding PRO


Thanks to the housing made out of high-quality stainless steel, the frutty double welding PRO vacuum sealer is suitable for semi-professional use as well as for use in private households. Because of the two pumps, the air is not only quickly sucked out of the bag, but also a stronger vacuum can be achieved. The double welding guarantees extremely safe and durable conservation for your vacuumed products.
Easy cleaning is enhanced by the removable liquid tray, and the tray also protects the pump from liquids. The plug-in mechanism for the seals also simplifies the cleaning and the replacement of them.
The vacuuming and sealing time can be adjusted individually, so that an optimal vacuum is always generated, even with larger bags or more delicate products. Besides, there are further settings that are suitable for vacuuming food with high liquid content. The Pulse-button allows manual vacuuming and vacuuming with external containers. This allows, among other things, meat to be marinated in a very short amount of time.

Technical data:
Welding seam: double for increased safety
Bag width: max. 310 mm
Power: 290 W - 230 V - 50 Hz - 1 f
Dimensions: 42x30x13 cm
Weight: 5,5 kg
Weight: 5.50 kg
Product code: 36258

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