Autoclave inox con certificato PED 1350l 2bar


Aseptic - stainless steel stackable - pressure - container for wine, sparkling wine, juice, spumante, cider, secco, beer. (CHARMAT method).

- completely made of stainless steel AISI304
- with PED certification (pressure certification)
- ideal for aseptic storage and transport of small and residual quantities
- as a mash fermenter ideally suited
- for the production of sparkling wines, frizzante, champagne and sweet reserves and much more.
- versatile special equipment,
- empty and move without pump possible

System (lance) to carbonate inside the pressure tank with perforated candle
Cooling jacket Pillow Plate
Insulation of the tank wall
Insulation of the tank bottom

Big range of sizes and pressure range.
225l +2,0 bar Ø550 H1455
450l +2,0 bar Ø800 H1460
675l +2,0 bar Ø800 H1910
900l +2,0 bar Ø1000 H1720
1125l +2,0 bar Ø1000 H2015
1350l +2,0 bar Ø1140 H1930
2100l +1,0 bar Ø1400 H1990

1125l +3,0 bar Ø1000 H2140
1125l +7,0 bar Ø1000 H2140
2100l +7,0 bar Ø1400 H1990
Peso: 5,50 kg
Codice Prodotto: 34509

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