Horse Pavo 'Vital' supplementary feed 8kg


Pavo Vital is a grain and molasses-free mineral feed. It is the ideal supplementary feed for horses that do not get enough vitamins, minerals, and trace elements from their concentrated feed. The composition, made from 100% natural ingredients, has been adapted to the latest scientific research and numerous roughage analyses. 

Composition: Alfalfa, grass pellet Timothy, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride (salt).

Nutritional analysis: 28% crude fibre, 16% crude ash, 9% crude protein, 5% sugar, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, crude fat, starch.

Feeding recommendation:
Horses: 100 g per day
Pony: 50 g per day
Weight: 8.00 kg
Product code: 32187

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