Horse Pavo 'Colostrum" 150gr


Foals do not develop sufficient antibodies to protect themselves against infections until 3 to 5 weeks after birth. With the administration of Pavo Colostrum, your newborn foal is supplied with vital antibodies and can thus be protected against infections. At the same time, the intestinal activity is stimulated and defenses and vitality are built up naturally. Pavo Colostrum is intended for motherless foals and foals where the mare gives little or no colostrum. Composition: Colostrum. Nutritional analysis: 70% crude protein, 3% crude ash, 2% crude fat, sodium, crude fibre. Feeding recommendation: Feed a maximum of 500 ml of Pavo "Colostrum" per hour to avoid intestinal disturbances. If the foal refuses the product, you can stimulate its appetite by spreading a little sugar on its tongue. Hygiene is of very high importance during the preparation! Clean hands and a clean bottle, drinking bowl is a prerequisite. Rinse well after use.
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