Semiautomatic Carton Sealers S8 siat


Semi-automatic carton sealing machine for cartons of variable size. The machine is easy to operate and is adjusted to the respective carton size via handwheels. Can be started up by one operator in a few minutes.

• Easy to use
• Starting in a few minutes
• Simple to adjust
• Perfect closing and sealing of the box

Semi-automatic case sealer - manual adjustment on the different box sizes
Box dimensions
Min. L 150 mm, W 150 mm, H 100 mm
Max. L ∞, W 500 mm, H 500 mm
Adjustment on width and height by handles
Side drive belts (2 x 50 mm width each)
Drive belts speed 20 m/min.
2 motors kW 0,09 each
2 x K11R taping unit – 50 mm width
Adjustable working height 500 – 750 mm
Weight: 130.00 kg
Product code: 100800456

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