Vibrating screen stainless steel Ø600mm


The vibrating screen is used to filter liquids and thus to minimize the amount of turbidity.

- Easy handling
- Quick and easy cleaning
- Self unload
- Compact design

Monolithic convex shaped container, ideal for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The vibrator motor provides a three-dimensional movement (sussultatory, undulatory and rotary), such as to keep the filtering screen clean and free of blockages
Used to sieve dense, viscous, liquid and very difficult products

The juice to be filtered is added to the vibrating screen from above. The shaking of the entire sieve unit separates solids from the juice, such as trub and pulp. Different sieve inserts are possible, which allows individually tailored screening processes. The solids are automatically transported towards the output and ejected. No stop in processing is needed to unload the machine. The filtered juice flows out at the juice outlet, from there it can be collected and processed further on.

400Volt 50Hz 3fase
con casters
670x800xH820mm - 75kg
Weight: 40.00 kg
Product code: 36404

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