Wine Plate Filter Kompakt 40x40 30 with 30 plates


40x40 plate filters are designed to clarify and sterilize white and red wines, sparkling wine, juice, olive oil, beer, low alcohol spirits and herbal products. Depending on the type of filter pads the following filtrations are possible: pre-filtration, coarse filtration, fine filtration, brilliant filtration and sterile filtration of white and red wine, sparkling wine, olive oil (rubber impeller pump recommended), vinegar, herbal products, liqueurs, distillates, beer, etc. The output of the filter depends, of course, very much on the used filter pads and the turbidity content. - Frame made entirely of stainless steel AISI304 V2A; - Filter plates made of food-safe, alcohol-resistant plastic; - Equipped with two external channels; - Spindle extension; - Frame mounted on two fixed and two swivel castors; - Very stable construction; - Central spindle stored in brass bushing; - Drop collection tray with drain valve; - Butterfly valves made of stainless steel; - Sight glass; - Glycerol bath pressure gauge; - Sample tap; - Made in Italy for frutty brand;
Weight: 200.00 kg
Product code: 36372

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