Cooking pot 300lt double wallet with mixer 24kW


Professional, electrically heated cooking kettle, double wallet with glycerine bath and electronic agitator.

The agitator guarantees a high degree of autonomy during the cooking process. The rotation is electronically adjustable on the control panel. The agitator has scrapers on the bottom and on the container wall and can be removed for cleaning.

• Stainless steel AISI 304,
• Electronic agitator with speed regulation from the control panel
• with electronic thermostat on the control panel
• Double shell filled with high-quality glycerine as heat transfer medium
• Direct heating from oil bath via electric screw-type tubular heater made of stainless steel
• With 2 insulated carrying handles
• Viewing glass for glycerine level, glycerine refill and safety overpressure tube
• With butterfly valve DIN65 for quick emptying
• bottom reinforced on 3 casters
• Plug-in version with 3m long connecting cable and plug 16 A

Technical data:
• Capacity: 300lt
• Electrical connection: 400 V 3-N
• Connectin load: 3x9kW
Weight: 118.00 kg
Product code: 38606

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