Jam cooking pot double wallet 150lt 400V 11kw


Professional electric cooking kettle, double wallet with glycerine bath
• Made of stainless steel AISI 304, glass bead-blasted finisch
• Double shell filled with high-quality glycerine as heat transfer medium
• Direct heating via electric, screw-type tubular heating element made of stainless steel with thermostat, setting range 50-200° C
• With 2 insulated carry-grips, viewing glass for glycerine level refill nozzle for glycerine and safety overpressure tube
• With 5/4" drain cock for rapid drainage
• Base with diagonal reinforcement and 4 height adjustable legs
• Mains compatible design with 3 m long connecting cable and moulded CEE plug, 16 A

Technical data:
• Kettle capacity: 150lt
• Kettle depth: 510mm
• Internale diameter: 610mm
• External diameter: 680mm
• Total height: 860mm
• Glycerine fililng: 32lt
• Electrical connection: 400V 3-N
• Connectin load: 11 kW
Weight: 118.00 kg
Product code: 27528

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