Signle belt press 250-400kg/h


Belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, automatic belt control and high pressure belt cleaner (high pressure cleaner required). The mash is applied to the belt in a uniform layer by the adjustable metering box, at the end of the pressing sequence the pomace is removed from the belt by a scraper. Advantages: - top juice quality (flavour/freshness of taste) - high yield - low clouding content - fully automatic and continous operation - quick operation without oxidation - compact design - easy operation, quick cleaning Nominal rating: 250 - 400 kg/h Motor rating: drive motor 0,37 kW (0,4PS) washing system motor 0,12 kW (0,16PS) Connected load: 400V 50Hz (3-phase) Electrical protection: 16 A Discharge height: 1265 mm Belt width: 350 mm Strip length: 4900 mm Conveyor height: variable 0-50 mm (adjustable) Material: 1.4301 / AISI 304 Juice yield: 70 % Belt speed: adjustable Water consumption for cleaning: 2 l/min
Weight: 385.00 kg
Product code: 102400060

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Juice, wine, cider making

Orchard and viticulture

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