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Carbonator in line 1000l/h


Carbonator in line frutty for the carbonation of liquids like water, beer and soft drinks.
• Made from stainless steel AISI304 and AISI316
• Opening of the bell by Clamp
• 60l tank for saturation with PED certified up to 7.9bar
• Pipes input, output and venting Removable stainless steel clamp
• Digital pressure sensor membrane.
• Incorporated pneumatic membran pump to supply the product to the unit
• Incorporated pneumatic membran pump to pressurize the liquido for the filler
• Audible alarm pressure
• Pressure regulator
• Nivea sensor for the tank
• Safety valve
• Front control panel with touch screen
• Maximum flow rate 2000 l / h
• Carbonization capacity up to 1000-1500l/h
• Power: 220V single phase or 380V 3 phase
Weight: 26.00 kg
Product code: 31600

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